How JavaScript annoys people

Chocken parmesan casserole recipe on Allrecipes

Can I please make chicken parmesan casserole without all this crap in my face?


Advertisements often waste so much space on a webpage and get in the way of content or interrupt content to shove some product down your throat.

Combined with privacy-invading tracking scripts, ads can also be creepy when they're directly related to what you've thought about recently.

Annoying popups and messages

This website uses cookies

Please disable your adblocker

Would you like to sign up— I don't care just show me the content

Smooth scrolling or overriding scrolling in any way

Please leave our scrolling settings alone ffs!

Fading into the page with JavaScript

Having a seizure from surfing our site yet?

Also with JavaScript disabled, everything is invisible or there is an invisible element in the way of interacting with anything.